April 26-30, 2021


Warmset’s Black technology has an outer covering in the form of a polypropylene sheath. This property allows the underfloor heating system that you will put together to cover even large surfaces and makes it suitable both for home heating and for heating industrial warehouses, greenhouses, crops and sports fields.
The fiberglass mesh that the Warmset multilayer laminated ribbon is set on is gathered in hanks for convenient laying; the mesh also serves to join screeds and glues, preventing breaks and cracks. The hank is designed to be installed in both indoor and outdoor floors of homes and industrial warehouses, but even underneath grass lawns.

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Montecchio Maggiore, Italia
Warmset srl (Italy); company founded for the production and selling of electrical heating systems.
Warmset products originate from a careful choice of materials and derive their peculiar advantages from the structure of the multilayer laminated ribbon.
Our heating product is unique in the sector thanks to the 100% made in Italy study which makes it distinguish it from the classic "heating cable" and the Heating film.

Warmset technology can be applied for both underfloor heating and for heating systems.
In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset also supplies radiators, snow melting applications for outdoors, heating panels, workstation heating, industrial heaters, heating carpets and heating for the sport Fields.
Warmset srl

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Warmset srl

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