April 26-30, 2021


Shapes and surfaces simplify themselves: the result is a revolution in the design of fitness equipment and confirm the specialness of Ciclotte products.

Ciclotte Teckell is the first and unique exercise-bike ever produced in glass: the transparent crystal blends harmoniously with the structural elements made of high-tech materials and sophisticated mechanisms.
The bike guarantees optimum performance thanks to deep ergonomic studies and it features an electro-magnetic resistance system with fly-wheel turns multiplier transmission, able to replicate the feeling of riding on the road.

The bike is completed with special setting systems for handles and seat, able to make the bike usable and comfortable for people from 1.60m up to 1.99m and a Bluetooth connection which permits a fully immersive training session: digital innovation is reshaping fitness rooms into luxury social hubs.

Bergamo, Italia
Ciclotte is the line of unique fitness equipment and luxury of pieces of design, realized with high-tech materials like carbon fibre and with innovative technologies, able to connect to smart-phone and tablets for an immersive experience while training. The whole line is pure expression of contemporary living, where living, work and relax share the same dimension