April 26-30, 2021


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Bari, Italia
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ENERI is the manufacturer, and holder of the patent, of tensile-pneumatic roofing, a product that is placed between a tensile structure and a AIRDOME, which has the great advantage of not requiring building permits, and cement works, of having windows that can be opened and no electricity consumption. It can be heated, illuminated, can be removed seasonally, if desired, with extreme simplicity, since the fabric and the arches are replaceable.
Its technical performance is definitely superior to any other pneumatic-based structure, thanks to the patented anchoring systems and the anti-collapse system, which allows it to remain standing even in the event of an accident.
It can be made to measure, customizing it entirely
It offers coverage solutions for fields from: Tennis, paddel, basketball, volleyball, five-a-side football, skating, gymnastics, horse riding, crossfitting, gyms, fencing, etc.

Airen also offers three models of pneumatic covers to seasonally adjust the use of swimming pools. Extremely comfortable, they can be installed in a few minutes, offer excellent insulation, can be disassembled seasonally and when in storage they occupy an extremely limited space. They are installed without building permit