April 26-30, 2021


E9 - Outdoor & Climbing Clothes


Ascoli Piceno, Italia
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Since 1998, E9 means creative climbing wear built for the rock lovers. The company was born in Italy when the owner Mauro Calibani, first world bouldering champion, inspired by nature began designing and producing unique clothes for the climbing and bouldering generations.

The closeness to environment and the climbing community, the artistic and researched style and the attention for each single detail are all the elements that made E9 an iconic brand, recognized for its distinctiveness by thousands of enthusiasts.

Since the beginning E9 produces in Italy and the entire production cycle takes place in a range of 30 Km within the company district. “Made in Italy” means selection of the best organic materials together with creativity and a continuous care towards innovation to guarantee season after season beautiful and high-quality products.