April 26-30, 2021


Igor Bullski srl


Empoli, Italia
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The primary characteristic of our helmets is the completely Italian design and construction, with the exception of two models for which the production is branded Asia.
Each model is made of high quality materials, designed to comply with the safety standards required by international organizations and to have maximum comfort and fitting.
The production made in Tuscany, where the Bullski brand saw its birth, allows us to follow, step by step, the realization of the various models and to be flexible in terms of minimum order quantities and customization of both graphics and colors .
The Bullski masks are produced in Italy and in Asia but according to an exclusive Bullski mold designed and tested in Italy.
On all the masks, even on those produced in Asia, the lenses and the treatment of the same are made in Italy or Germany (Zeiss lenses). Each mask is designed to offer maximum vision, protection in all types of weather conditions (we offer a wide range of colors with degrees of UV protection), comfort and softness of the frames.
The Bullski sunglasses combine with the needs of all types of sports and are perfect for leisure time use.
Most of our models have polarized lenses with a wide range of frame color and lens combinations.

To further consolidate its presence on the market, Bullski avails itself of the help of an external sales network composed of multi-firm agents with experience and passion for the world of skiing.