April 26-30, 2021


Shantj-Om di Luisa Fortuny


Trebaseleghe, Italia
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Shantj-Om is an Ethical, Sustainable brand that creates clothes for Yoga, Meditation and even free time.

Born from the inventiveness of Luisa Fortuny, stylist, seamstress, designer and creator of the brand, which she wanted to develop a new vision collection:
Sinuous, deconstructed and comfortable lines that they draw a form without schematized limits.
Suitable for women of any body structure, which they embrace a philosophy.
The idea continues to grow and develop, thanks also with the help of Luisa's daughter, MariaSofia who follows the social, communication and graphic part.

Two generations at the service of a new way of doing fashion.

A brand born from the passions of mother and daughter, who carry forward a message, thanks to a product created with love, dedication and awareness.
In fact, as we cover our body, he responds with better energy and positive fluidity based on the fact that we wear garments made of natural fibers, not chemically treated, dyed with natural vegetable colors and possibly in shades of light colors that are found in nature when you want to carry out an activity of meditation, yoga, cleaning of the auric, etheric and emotional field, etc ....

-The white colour and neutral nuances is a conductor of Light and amplifies the draining and purifying effect of the mind/body connection.
It is a shade that emits rays that are as neutral as they are absorbent of energy fields.
So, comfortable forms, designed for the comfort of the female body.
-Destructured forms and Fluid shapes, comfortable to the touch and pleasant to wear.
-The garments are of exclusive Made in Italy production, manufactured with selected and refined fabrics and materials of controlled origin.
It is also possible to have a Certificate of Origin that guarantees quality for people who may have problems with allergies and intolerances.
It is a registered trademark to protect the know-how that expresses many studies carried out.
-The production is controlled in the finishes made of 100% cotton yarn, mercerized, which does not create itchy contrasts in direct contact with the skin.
How to feel comfortable and tidy at any time of day.
The dress is our second skin, it is what we are in contact with for almost all of our time, considerable importance therefore, acquires the conscious choice of what we wear.
- Textile fibres of animal and vegetable origin, if treated with natural substances, cover and protect the body, thus allowing the normal function of our skin.
Textile fibres of animal origin, such as wool and silk, are heat-insulating, that is, they keep body heat constant, absorb sweat and take it outside, they are ideal for those who have problems with blood circulation or rheumatism, they allow the skin to breathe so that harmful substances and bad smells do not stagnate.
The most known fabrics of vegetable origin are hemp, linen, cotton, but there are also fabrics of bamboo, nettle and broom.
Therefore, the most important characteristic of natural fibres is the transpiration that allows the body to carry out its regular physiological functions of exchange.

Synthetic fibres are obtained from chemical elements derived from oil, coal and gas.
Synthetic fabrics act in contrast to natural fibres, i.e. they block the process of transpiration, which entails the risk of developing allergies, dermatitis or some type of skin fungus: stagnant humidity is the perfect soil for the development of microorganisms that damage our skin and consequently produce bad odours.
Toxic and chemical substances are harmful and prevent any type of cellular transport, indeed, they even cause suffering with more or less deep skin reactions.

“A better planet is a dream that begins to be realized when each of us decides to improve himself "
Mahatma Gandhi

-100% cotton
-cotton, wool and linen gauze
-cotton yersey with various weights
-the flared canvas of 100% cotton
-natural viscose
-the soft wool jersey
-linen embroidered with matching thread or gold yarn .

All fabrics are refined and selected with respect for the Planet Earth.
The three pillars that support Shantj-Om are: Natural, Sustainable and Ethical.
Principles that intertwine to give the basis to the garments Shantj-Om Natural: our team deeply knows I Natural materials used, their origins and theirs property; It is important to use natural raw materials because they have beneficial properties for our body, the our skin in contact with them is protected, neither they allow transpiration, and regenerate energy surrounding.

The entire collection Shantj-Om can be viewed on the official page Shantj_om istagram with information, promotions and prices and web-site www.shantj-om.com.
The creations-collection Shantj-om LUISA FORTUNY is for Exclusive boutiques, shops points of sale for sportswear, natural, ethical, and casual where people sensitive to ethical concepts turn towith a refined clientele, offering the finest garments of supreme quality and craftsmahship.

-Sustainable: a principle that has lately been there involving everyone: Mother Earth is giving us signals that so she can't go on for long, not so much for his of her well, because she changes and goes on anyway, but for how long she is about us as a human species. It is imperative that we change. Now, we have the opportunity.
This is why the sustainability theme guides our choice in fabrics, production and daily decisions.

-Ethical: still today all over the world people of all age, sex, religion are used to make a product poor quality that can feed the mass in ours everyday life we don't even realize it, we don't we think or do the same, because it seems that do not concern us, we turn our gaze the other way to do to act as if nothing has happened.

For us at Team Shantj-Om it is very important to have cards relationships based on human, fair and valuable relationships at the moment, at people and their passions, at the same time to change our culture and market.