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Feltre, Italia
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PIAVE MAITEX has an integrated production unit based in Feltre - Italy, including knitting, dyeing and finishing, our industrial processings are always respectful of environmental and sustainable requirements, like low emissions and energy+water savings. Production is driven by the concept of BATEC ( Best Available Technology Economically Practicable), focusing the plant continuous efficiency, ensuring quick start-up and processing time rate, always in observance of ISO9001 certification and the highest products Quality Standards set and verified by our internal Lab&Inspection units.
Applied technologies and raw materials selections are consistently implemented according to our R&D’s interaction with product market trends and clients custom projects.
Inside of our rich catalogue we offer a line of products, named AGAIN, fully dedicated to recycled yarn based fabrics, environmentally friendly and eco- sustainable, proof of the ethical engagement of the Company.
We propose a special selection of finishings&treatments that can be applied to most of our fabrics like, for instance, Swimwear fabrics can dispose of a special fluor free water repellent finish and for Outdoor/Indoor Activewear fabrics we have our own special tretament called Hydrofresh that combines Hydrophilic ( push pull effect) and Bacteriostatic ( anti-odor properties).
Even if our original core business stays focused on fashion and intimate worldmarkets, from two decades we also service the world of Textile Sports Industry developing and manufacturing our products for several sectors of use, mainly indoor and outdoor, watersports included. We are highly specialized in performance fabric for tech/clothing-gear like cycling, running, swim, triathlon, fitness, competition dance, athletics but also horse-riding, golf wear, yoga and Athleisure. One of our main assets consists in promoting and developing custom fabric projects for specific use or sport segments. We participate to all major international fairs specialized in performance fabrics. We have a wide variety of products declinated in weights ranging from 20grm2 up to a max of 750grm2.
Our Certifications: ISO9001, REACH, OEKOTEX Standard 100