April 26-30, 2021


Pink Devil Moda


Quartu Sant'Elena, Italia
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In 1976 Alfredo Cocco opened the first tailoring shop in via Satta in Cagliari. It is here that everything is born: an intuition, an acceptance of the demands of fashion, that of the '70s, in continuous ferment. The following year his son Roberto joined the company which, in search of new challenges, a few years later enlarged the laboratory, hiring more manpower and making new locations in which to study and create new paper models.
Thus was born Pink Devil Moda, an all-Italian company, with an experience and new ways of seeing the fashion market, passed from generation to generation, but whose fundamental values always remain the handmade Made in Italy, therefore with great artisan care and great attention to the quality of each individual item of clothing.
In 2007 our signature is also close to the sportswear and to the one for dance and fitness, more and more requested by customers. They become part of our continuous collections:
the Tango line
the dance and ballet
but above all fitness line
This latest collection has forced us to purchase even more technological machinery to guarantee quality, the focal point of our production
Always remaining attached to our Sardinia, to local labor and Made in Italy.
The fitness collection includes everything related to sports, from leggings to culotte, tops and shirts using certified cottons and lycras to ensure maximum durability and comfort.
The choice of materials is often underestimated even by the large houses of ready-to-wear, while for us it is constant and dynamic research, in line with needs, trends and sporting needs.
Another strong point of our company is the customization of clothing and our lines, with patterns, fabrics, prints or details and the continuous supply of our customers retailers even during the sale period, with great punctuality in delivery.
Fashion Made in Italy and the tradition of this sector belongs to our country and means attachment to Italian manufacturing, great respect for the history and quality of our products.