April 26-30, 2021


Sagester S.r.l.




Zanè, Italia
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SAGESTER: is considered one of the top brands in the sports fashion sector. We have official dealers all over Europe and we work with distributors in Russia, China and Japan.
We have created wonderful dresses and outfits for many important skating champions, and the world champion Carolina Kostner has chosen our company to produce an exclusive line of items, which she herself designed (the ICENONICE line www.icenonice.it).
We are also specialized in personalized club outfits, training dresses and all that has to do with the sports world. Many of our models are versatile, and are ideal for trekking, running, gym activities, and for leisurewear too.
We manufacture our collections in our factory in Zanè (approx. 100 km from Venice). Our fabrics are tested and of European origin, and do not contain toxic or animal derived substances. We are also care a lot about eco-sustainability and recycle, that is why some of our garments are created in recycled and ecological fabrics.