April 26-30, 2021


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Vicenza, Italia
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SEAY is an innovative start-up and a benefit corporation founded in 2019 with the aim of actively contributing to the development of a fashion system with a reduced environmental impact.
SEAY designs, produces and distributes sustainable beachwear and clothing collections using recycled and certified materials, a short supply chain and a marketing plan that encourages consumers' environmental awareness.
The men's swimsuits and windbreakers are produced with 100% recycled polyester, so regenerated from post-consumer plastic and plastic debris recovered from the sea, while the women's swimsuits and leggings are produced with recycled polyamide up to 90% using old fishing nets recovered from the sea. T-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts are made of 100% GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic cotton, so it’s not genetically modified and is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.
Products are shipped in organic and compostable packaging, through a logistic flow called Carbon Neutral, so for each Kg of Co2 generated, the logistics service provider undertakes to reduce the same amount of Co2 in company projects in which it is possible to do so.
According to a study published by WRAP in 2014, by extending the life cycle of garments already in our hands by 9 months, we can help reduce the environmental footprint of our wardrobe by about 30% in terms of CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste generation.
With this goal, SEAY has developed a closed circular economic system called Re3: Re-Sell / Re-Use / Re-Generate.
Re3 is the first Italian circular economy model that allows you to track every single used garment with complete transparency and full compliance with waste legislation.
Thanks to the Re3 model, anyone who purchases a SEAY product can return a used garment by receiving a "green bonus", that is an effective refund equal to 20% of the purchase value.
The used garment delivered, depending on the aesthetic and functional conditions, will be selected and sanitized by a partner cooperative for resale (Re-Sell) in its "second hand" stores or for donation (Re-Use) to people in difficulty, in agreement with social services. Otherwise, it will be treated by a partner supplier to turn it into regenerated yarn (Re-Generate) to be used again in the production of sustainable clothing.
Then, the customer can track through a QR code and a blockchain system, his old used garment and check after a few days how it has been reused, or if it has been resold (Re-Sell), donated (Re-Use) or regenerated ( Regenerate).