April 26-30, 2021


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Napoli, Italia
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Sistemi Galleggianti’s production line was created in order to respond to the activities of Pallanuoto Sempre Association, composed by famous Italian waterpolo players of all time, such as: Pizzo, Parisio, Ghibellini, De Magistris, D’Angelo, De Crescenzo, Mannelli, Porzio, Ferretti, Gandolfi, D’Altrui, Campagna and many others. One of the objectives of the association was the creation of “Beach Waterpolo” (BWP), a smaller version of Water Polo,, and to relaunch Water Polo at sea.
In 1998 Water Polo goals were redesigned by Vittorio Ercolano, organizer of the Beach Waterpolo Italian Championship and founder of his Company “Sistemi Galleggianti”, producer and distributer of BWP goals.
Sistemi Galleggianti offers all-aluminium goals, light, stable, strong and particularly durable structures.
In a short period of time the new Beach Waterpolo goals were satisfactory tested and presented on the market (1998), collecting immediate appreciations and flattering judgments.
From then on the philosophy of Sistemi Galleggianti is based on research and continuous innovation.
Our target has always been to create a Water Polo goal best performing under every aspect and lasting the longest life compared to any other existing brand on market, at an absolutely competitive price.
High Quality at affordable prices aiming at the diffusion of Water Polo

Our “goal” is not just to produce a goal, but a very good, revolutionary water polo goal, including its minimal weight (30 kg) .

The profiles used by Sistemi Galleggianti, made by Metra Spa, are among the best ones available on the market.

All profiles are painted according to the qualitative process “QUALICOAT SEASIDE TREATMENT (treatment for marine environments)
Profiles are treated with AL3000 (red), paint in Class 2 to reduce the color loss