April 26-30, 2021


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Marcellinara, Italia
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VI.SA. Sport was born in 1987, wich witness of love and passion for sport of Salvatore Boscarino, gymnast, physical educator teacher, international judge and coach of gymnastics. To complement its own athletics training, many of wich received the Olympics, has always inserted a preparation with weights, aware that this would have strengthened the physical performance and athletic. The desire to try the experiment to reform itself continually, let him to delight, initially in a small stock established a factory, in the realization of various types of tools and benches, relying on experience gained in years of training. Driven by the desire to realize, after that it turned into his greatest passion, he stopped teaching to devote full time to design and manufacture of professional equipment isotonic.

Over time, growth of the company structure from 500 to 3000 sqm alongside and increase in sales and customers in different countries as France, England, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Libya, Algeria, French island, Caribbean Island, Guadalupe, Romania, Belgium, Lebanon etc. It has been almost 35 years and, thanks to the efforts of his wife Lina and sons Emanuele, Simona , wich with great passion and dedication that have brought forward what Salvatore Boscarino has created “ The VI.SA. Sport” now hanks among the industrial realities of fitness operating in the domestic and international industrial market. The constant for innovative solutions in terms of quality in the materials used, design and functionality, trustworthiness and reliability in relations with customers is the strength of the company to guarantee a product treated in all respects, a production process through establishment, place entirely in his own factory, from the planning to the finished product, to post-sale. In 2011 at “VI.SA. Sport” alongside the payoff “Life Passion” direct and dynamic, two words that express the entire philosophy of life and passion