April 26-30, 2021


Waterfly srl


Regalbuto, Italia
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The Waterfly brand was registered in 1989 at an international level, based on 10 years experience
At the time we started with the production of swimming googles and other swimming accessories for the national market.
In a few years, we converted from a small entity to an international business, this happened because we excelled as compared to our competitors for the attention that we put into a single item, the selection of the materials and their quality.
With the birth of our Waterfly brand we have been able to create a complete line of products for water activities and swimming pool equipment.
We started to produce costumes, water polo goals, racing lanes to accessories for the pool area. We are still growing, in fact in recent years we have added to our product range sports scoreboards and other digital devices. Now our range include a lot of products needed for construction, renovation or run swimming pool.
During the years, Waterfly has been a Partner of International and National Swimming Federation, Top Water Polo Clubs and official supplier of many International Events
Waterfly can guarantee to be a direct “Made in Italy” supplier and a reliable partner for your business.