April 26-30, 2021


TheWarmset Heating Carpet is the ideal system for guaranteeing great comfort of feet and legs in those situations when you have to stay sitting down for hours in the same position at home or especially in the office. The Warmset heating carpet is great if placed under your desk, especially for those who sit in front of the computer for hours, constantly annoyed because they feel cold.
Thanks to Warmset’s innovative heating system, its not being very thick and the care invested in the fabrics and stitches, the carpet combines technology, comfort and design.
Just a few minutes after it is turned on, plugged in to any electrical outlet, and consuming the power of a lamp, the Warmset carpet gives its user a pleasurable sense of well-being to the feet, legs and the entire body.
For the project, Warmset worked together with architect Ferruccio Tasinato on the design and finishes of the Heating Carpet. The finished product comes in its standard dimensions of 75×50 cm in different colors. The clear plug also used for designer lamps makes this carpet a real and genuine Italian designer item all-around.

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Montecchio Maggiore, Italia
Warmset srl (Italy); company founded for the production and selling of electrical heating systems. Warmset products originate from a careful choice of materials and derive their peculiar advantages from the structure of the multilayer laminated ribbon. Our heating product is unique in the sector thanks to the 100% made in Italy study which makes it distinguish it from the classic "heating cable" and the Heating film. Warmset technology can be applied for both underfloor heating and for heating systems. In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset also supplies radiators, snow melting applications for outdoors, heating panels, workstation heating, industrial heaters, heating carpets and heating for the sport Fields.