April 26-30, 2021


The Goji juice of our GO! Line is produced with the best Goji berries of our fields, selected and handpicked.
Processed at low temperatures to keep their various natural benefits and antioxidants intact, no sugars, preservatives or water are added. A genuine, 100% fruit product, with an authentic, sweet and smooth taste.
Ideal as fruit-based snack to fill you up with energy!

Villareggia, Italia
Italian Organic Farm specialized in the cultivation of Italian Organic Goji berries. The real Top Quality of nutraceutical Goji berries: - Ingredients 100% grown and made in Italy - Organic Certification - No artificial preservatives or any other ingredient of chemical origin are used - High quality: all the products are 100% made of solely fruit - Analysis of the nutraceutical content of goji berries