April 26-30, 2021


• This aquajump is a workout gear, fun and very effective, both in aqua fitness, aquatraining for functional rehabilitation and athletic training targeted (including proprioceptive activities), using the jump in the water, all its properties are enhanced, without any risk of injury.
• It also reveals funny and very engaging, motivating workout.

Fitness Aqua
Limena, Italia
Aqquatix is specialized in the production and sale of small and big equipment for all water activities, like Aquabike, Aquatreadmill, Aquajump, Aquawalker, Aquamat, Aqua Vertical Dynamic pole & Combat Bag and small equipment for training and toning in water. Tools for didactic water activities for children. Aqquatix is also the sole Wibit distributor for Italy: inflatable water parks for swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) and open water (sea, dock, lake).