April 26-30, 2021


Ciclotte Wall-bar recalls once the history of the Bike, by reproducing its iconic circular shape related to the “circle of life”, sharing its aesthetic identity and being, first of all, a piece of design and a real and functional fitness tool.

An unmissable complement for any interior design and luxury gym projects: a real gymnastic ladder, but a unique mirror when the exercising racks are folded away.

Bergamo, Italia
Ciclotte is the line of unique fitness equipment and luxury of pieces of design, realized with high-tech materials like carbon fibre and with innovative technologies, able to connect to smart-phone and tablets for an immersive experience while training.
The whole line is pure expression of contemporary living, where living, work and relax share the same dimension
Multi Design srl

Ciclotte bike in carbon fibre and steel

Multi Design srl

Ciclotte Wall-bar / mirror