April 26-30, 2021


Parkour is a reinterpretation both of the trekking shoe and of the classical sneaker. From the first it takes all the technical properties: ankle and malleolus covering, waterproof, tank sole for difficult terrain. From the second it takes the design, with his unique line and the typical band that covers the bottom of the shoe. A brave shoe, meant for people that engages the adventure with style.

Montebelluna, Italia
All Ventesima Strada items of footwear are entirely Made in Montebelluna - TREVISO, from design to construction. All processes take place inside our own factory. The most distinctive element of our shoes is the Norwegian construction, typical of the footwear made in our manufacturing district. It is a handcrafted process, designed to insulate the foot while offering flexibility and comfort all at the same time. A full 5 layers insulate the foot from the ground: ananatomic insole in leather, a more rigid lasting board in real leather, a filling in light EVA that serves as a shock absorber, a midsole again in EVA with additional shock absorbing properties and to finish a high-quality non-slip outsole.