April 26-30, 2021


Small in size, but big in appeal! The 604 is Salice’s most charming goggle. Perfect for small fac-es, it is particularly suitable, due to its small size, for female faces. Ideal for alpine skiing, due to its characteristics it can also be seen as an "all mountain" goggle.
In addition to the aesthetic impact, the 604 (top for materials and construction technologies) is appreciated for the claws for the attachment of the strap, designed specifically to allow any type of rotation and to optimize the fit of the helmet. The facial fit in soft hypoallergenic vel-vet guarantees the indispensable comfort for the face.
With a double toric lens, the goggle is light, even aesthetically, without the frame. Its slightly smaller size does not limit an absolutely wide field of vision for a model that is really “all lens”.
The 604 comes with a mirrored RW lens by ZEISS in polycarbonate with UV 400 nm protec-tion and protection in category S3, anti-scratch and anti-fog. Also, the 604 can be equipped with 4 other types of lenses: RW Clear (cat. S1), Radium (cat.2), ZEISS Sonar (cat S2) and Tech. The latter is photochromic and polarized with the multilayer mirror treatment able to in-crease the visual contrast thus giving even more appeal to the goggle. Tech lens has got a large photo range: from category S2, when not activated, to category S4, when activated. The colour range has got a slightly more feminine look, although there are also male or unisex versions. The colour combinations (as many as 12!) are of great impact with the chromatic alternation between the structure of the goggle, lens, and the strap. Particular and curious is the 604 white-RW red which has a rainbow strap. A new addition to the 2021 collection is the strap style camouflage.
Colour options: White/RW Irex, White/RW Gold, White/RW Blue, White/RW Silver, White/RW Red, Turquoise/RW Irex, Orange/RW Irex, Black/RW Gold, Black/RW Silver, Char-coal/RW Silver, Charcoal/RW Irex, Lime/RW Irex.

Gravedona ed Uniti, Italia
Salice is the sports brand of Italy. We are a manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles since 1919. Salice provides advanced and innovative products to those who practice outdoor activities including but not limited to skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motocross, sailing, canoeing and much more. We are devoted to fine Italian design and, thanks to the invaluable input of our athletes and R&D team, to continuous technological improvements. Our brand derives from the founding family, Salice, and our current EC, Anna Salice, is the third generation in charge. Salice is today, more than ever, synonymous with sport, speed, energy, and adrenaline. These values constitute the core of our business philosophy. The safety of our products and the protection they guarantee to our athletes and to everyone who wears them is one of our invaluable strengths. Salice collections are guaranteed "Made in Italy" and fully manufactured in our factory on the picturesque Lake Como.