April 26-30, 2021


Long breathable trousers in exclusive LIOD 100% polypropylene fabric. Designed for maximum comfort in the winter, high rise with fabric-covered elastic waistband to keep out the winter cold, upper inseam reinforced to prevent abrasion, leg length reaches to ankle to better protect from cold. Its use spans many fields: from sports to work. Can be used under trousers, and keeps the body warm even in cold temperatures. Ideal to use as external trousers during activities and sports like: running, walking, playing football and so on.

Fitness Outdoor
Morbegno, Italia
Made in Italy garments and underwear for men, women and kids. An exclusive manufacturing on polypropylene fabric makes it unique and suitable both for any kind of sport. Four different fabrics are available to be used during winter and summer, they are all breathable and designed to get the best comfort.