April 26-30, 2021


Mekkano is the fusion of simplicity, convertibility and functionality. Starting from a single column, you can
perform a wide range of exercises in a tiny space, that’s why Mekkano® is the perfect structure for smallscale fitness and physiotherapeutic studios.

You can install Mekkano® on the wall through two plates with four holes each. The solid hooking system can withstand high stresses and lets you train safely. Its special foothold allows the load to be transferred to the floor and this guarantees even more Stability.

A wide range of accessories make it possible to create your own Mekkano version:
ARM Designed for every fitness tools that need a bump anchor point, like Revoring® and KSpace. By hanging Revoring® between the two arms, you will get a new tool that allows a wide range of exercises.
RING Designed for Revoring® and any fitness tools that require an anchor point. The hooking is safe and intuitive.
PULL UP BAR Designed for professional use, in compliance with the best biomechanical angles to train the upper body muscles correctly.
DIP BAR Very useful for every bodyweight workout aiming at training different parts of your body, such as chest, triceps and abs.
STEP An anti-slippery metal surface designed to perform jumps and plyometric exercises, adjustable in hei¬ght.

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Cesena, Italia
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