April 26-30, 2021


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La Spezia, Italia
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Blue Drink S.r.l. was founded on the vision of a new concept about Dispenser & Sport Drinks: we continuously invest to improve machinery technology and increase production processes in order to achieve a high- level of production in liquid and non-liquid concentrated beverages.
We believe, not only in advanced technologies, but above all in added value, which is the reason why we invest in research, new technologies and human resources; people who bring ideas and skills that drive into continuous development and innovation.
We match the needs of our customers by providing top-of-the-range products and experimenting new solutions, always ready to invest in order to improve processes and knowledge.
This continuous attention allows us to offer high- quality standards products and personalized services for those who collaborate with us.
All our products - drink and bag in box - are protected by patents to guarantee their innovativeness.
Through the Welness, Horeca & hotellerie and functional drinks lines.
We are proudly partner of HEITZ SYSTEM FRANCE, leader company in management and access control.
HEITZ SYSTEM FRANCE - For more than 25 years management and access control are at the heart of Heitz System V12 software. This system of management is designed for swimming pools, fitness and sports centers where control, marketing tools, sales and communications are integrated and aimed to simplify the activities and their automation, without overlooking the management, financial and sports control, for it to be a valid aid in increasing productivity. It’s a firm support to improve the loyalty of customers and the promotion of the center. The V12 system provides integration and connection of external equipment to encourage the development of secondary sales channels and increase the profitability of the center. A basis for a better start in 2021/22.
Our previous experience have allowed us to achieve a high degree of production in liquid concentrated beverages. High taste and zero calorie formulas mixed with natural ingredients, mineral salts, vitamins and aloe Vera - vacuum packed in bag in box from Lt. 5 to Lt.10 to always guarantee the freshness of the concentrate and to be able to use the concentrate until the last drop , avoiding unnecessary waste.
Our philosophy is to continuously invest in research / technological capital and human capital by creating a laboratory team with qualified and passionate people who, thanks to advanced technologies, allow us to be at the forefront in the field of production.

The dispensers respond to a specific market need and beyond: each installation has a 300 times lower environmental impact both in terms of production of plastic bottles and transport and disposal.
A mission that is confirmed in the eco-friendly company certifications of the Ministry of the Environment. Certifications that confirm the company's vocation for a Plastic Free environment

Development and Research meet in the Blue Drink Laboratories to create Leader products formed by the founder's experience, knowledge and passion for natural, zero-calorie beverages. Natural ingredients processed into basic components for drinks and concentraded.
A passion, beyond our job, for everything that this sector entails: the mastery of production technologies, the molecular study, the knowledge of raw materials and their composition and particular attention to taste that is offered in a variety of ranges not present on the market until today.

Our raw materials are rigorously selected and analyzed, respecting the procedures provided for by European legislation, following the general principles and requirements on food safety.
Our concentrates are sugar-free with mineral salts and vitamins and natural flavors.