April 26-30, 2021


Wellness Fitness Aqua
La Spezia, Italia
Blue Drink srl - Multi-year production experience. Blue Drink S.r.l. was founded on the vision of a new concept about Dispenser & Sport Drinks: we continuously invest to improve machinery technology and increase production processes in order to achieve a high- level of production in liquid and non-liquid concentrated beverages. Our philosophy about research has created a laboratory team with qualified and passionate people who - thanks to advanced technologies - allow us to be at the forefront. We match the needs of our customers by providing Dispensers and Top-of-the-range Products, experimenting new solutions also through the Heitz System France partnership. All our products - drinks and bag in box concentrated - are protected by patents to guarantee their innovativeness Through the Welness, Horeca & hotellerie and functional drinks lines.