April 26-30, 2021


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Catania, Italia
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Inalme srl is an Italian company based in Catania, a few kilometres from Mount Etna, a protected area where is located one of the most beautiful Mediterranean spots in Europe. Founded in 2001, the mission of Inalme is to support the psychophysical well-being of people, enhancing and respecting nature by promoting nutraceuticals and phytotherapy as high quality solutions, safe and effective, based on natural and ancient traditions, as well as scientific and technological innovations.
From 2014, after an important business plan for the development of the company, the manufacturing buildings were expanded and the quality standard of the entire portfolio was improved. Nowadays the factory occupies a total area of 6000m².
The portfolio of Inalme includes: dietetic and energy products, natural dermocosmetics and medical devices.
In these years, the company has achieved several awards and certifications, such as:
• GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practice);
• ISO 9001 Certification (International standard for a quality management system);
• BIO Certification for food supplements and cosmetics;
• Certification of Energy Performances (High standard of energy saving and production of energy from renewable sources);
• Certification of High Commercial Reliability (High reliability and solidity of the client portfolio);
• Legality Rating Certification (It is issued by the Competition and Market AGCM Guarantor Authority together with the Ministries of Interior and Justice according to legality principles and transparency not only of the company and the owner, but also of its Administrative Department).
Nowadays, Inalme works for third parties but, above all, with Alta Natura®, its own brand.
Alta Natura® is a brand dedicated to food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices formulated with plant extracts. The aim of this brand is to combine the herbal tradition teachings with the rigour and the precision of the scientific methods translating them into high quality and safety standards of the final product. The product lines are characterized by the presence of several formulations, designed to satisfy the main needs of children, pregnants, adults and the elderly.
The references of Alta Natura® include:
• Quality nutraceutical and phytotherapic products for personal well-being, also aiming to offer a solution for the most common dysfunctions. Highly effective supplements due to their high concentration of active ingredients, and with certifications that ensure their maximum safety: - Gluten free - Vegan ok – Lactose free - BIO.
• Dermocosmetics and cosmeceutics capable of interpreting and satisfying the natural needs of individuals. Natural, organic and eco-sustainable cosmetics free of: PEG, SLS, MLS, SLES, Parabens, Thiazoliones, Isotiazolinones, or BIO certifications.
The results achieved come from the professionalism and the technical competences of the human resources which permit to pay scrupulous attention to the manufacturing chains that are the base of the company processes: the choice of raw materials, innovative technologies, even more automated manufacturing processes, tests and laboratory controls on each lot of raw material and final product. Each operation is regulated by GMP procedures.
Alta Natura® products embrance the concept of sustainability: green products with sustainable and biocompatible raw materials. Inalme supports and safeguards the environment: 100% self-produced energy from renewable sources, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging and manufacturing processes that contribute to the respect and to the protection of the ecosystem for the well-beig of actual and future generations.
100% Made in Italy products.
Discover Alta Natura® product lines on our website: www.altanatura.com