April 26-30, 2021


Macrovyt Sport Ginseng and Carnitine is a food supplement based on Ginseng dry extract with a tonic adaptogenic action, against physical and mental tiredness and for a better carbohydrates metabolism. Enriched with Pollen, Acacia honey, lyophilised Royal jelly and Carnitine.

Recommended use: 1 vial daily, preferably in the morning. Shake well before use.

Contents: 10 vials of 10ml.

Ingredients: Water, Acacia honey, Fructose, Ginseng (Panax ginseng Meyer radix) dry extract tit.5% ginsenoside, Carnitine L-tartrate, lyophilized royal jelly, Lemon juice, Pollen fluid extract. Preservatives: Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate. Acidity corrector: Citric acid. Sweetener: Sucralose. Flavour.

Catania, Italia
Inalme is an Italian company specialised in manufacturing food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices under private label and under its own brand, knows as Alta Natura®. The attention paid to good manufacturing procedures and pharmaceutical models help to achieve partnerships with even more structured and organised customers worldwide.
Standard and manufacturing processes of the different pharmaceutical forms, solids and liquids, are based on the idea of Quality assurance.
Inalme is a reference point as a Contract Manufacturer, guaranteeing a full service for the development of customised projects in Private Label. The expert team offers a full service from the formulation to the graphics, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and internationalisation aspect.
Alta Natura® is the flagship brand of Inalme, distributed in Italy and abroad, dedicated to food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices formulated with plant extracts. The aim of this brand is to combine the herbal tradition teachings with the rigour and the precision of the scientific methods translating them into high quality and safety standards of the final product.
Inalme embraces the most complex Certification schemes in the management and in the product field. Following our system and product certifications: ISO 9001, GMP 072/IT-GMP/12.2018 for herbal products, food supplements and medical device production, Natrue® for cosmetics, Vegan ok and BIO for food supplements. These are only some evidences of Inalme vocation for the traceability of processes, the care for products conformity and the constant improvement.
Since Inalme promotes a sustainable development, procedures aiming at respecting the environment are applied in all the areas of the company, for the well-being of current and future generations.