April 26-30, 2021


Vaneda di Dario Brusamolin


Como, Italia
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Vaneda is a true example of a company born when professionality, competence and passion for work blend together with an authentic awareness of environmental sustainability.
Vaneda is committed to the protection of the environment and the culture of ecological and natural usage.
Vaneda uses natural origin substances, rejecting the diffused use of synthetic substances and all petroleum derivatives, contributing to the idea of new forms of eco-friendly life. Our natural formulae is 100% biodegradable, with positive benefits on the decrease of pollution - in harmony with the balance of the eco system.
Vaneda guarantees eco-friendly products, not only with the final product, but right from the beginning of the production process, through the selection of raw materials, selected following the phylosophy in which we believe. For example, the wheat comes from NO-OGM certified crops and the active substances of the Argania Spinosa plant from Morocco come from Fair Trade farming. Furthermore we obtain the active ingredients directly from the leaves, which is contrary to the custom of using the seeds, which prevent the natural spread of the plant, thus using plants in a balanced and eco-friendly way.
Vaneda is a "CRUELTY-FREE" company and the line "concetti di Natura" is vegan.
For the past three years Vaneda has been selling its products all over Italy. We sell to herbalists, bio-perfume shops, chemists, and on-line shops. We are also selling in England. We actively participate in debates and conferences on natural cosmetics. We attend fairs and events linked to the "green thinking" culture of the life style of a new society.
We publish in trade magazines, on the web, and we have numerous partnerships with bloggers and trade websites.
We are always looking for partners that offer high quality products in these lines. We are glad to have this opportunity, hopefully starting a partnership with you, and this is what we want to proposeyou. We think our products would fit very well in your market.