April 26-30, 2021


Vaneda Anti age Face Cream fights against all those deleterious effects on collagen network and is complemented by several upstream activities,
such as the anti-free radical activity.
Vaneda Anti age Face Cream is an innovative and natural solution to preserve skin against premature aging. Tensor effect and hydration rising out from the treatment give a better sensation of wellbeing.

Como, Italia
VANEDA Natural Eco Bio Cosmetics is an enthusiastic cosmetic Italian company, deeply involved in nature and customer care. Innovative, excellent active ingredients add tradition, wellness and beauty; selected for healthy skin, respecting the environment. Safe cosmetics. Non-animal tested, dermatologically tested, nickel free, OGM free, paraben free, petrolatum free. Customer satisfaction. Join us into our philosophy in developing and producing our "green products": cosmetics with vegetable ingredients, for a better approach to customer care and nature. See our EXPO on web site: www.vaneda.it