April 26-30, 2021


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Padova, Italia
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VOLCHEM® Ltd, based in the north of Italy (20 kilometers from Padua), has been producing and supplying top quality food supplements since 1989.
Our products include vitamins, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals that are the essential nutrients for a well balanced nutrition.

Volchem supplements are recommended for dietary purposes in clinical practice, sports, medicine and fitness and they are indicated in the following situations:

- Metabolic changes;
- Prolonged exercise;
- Power sports and intense training ( body building);
- Special diets due to clinical occurrences;
- Stage of growth, weight loss diets, to tone lean body mass;
- To contrast the symptoms of fatigue due to nutritional deficiencies and to contrast stress in a natural way.

Which are our strengths?

• EXCELLENCE OF OUR PRODUCTS: only the purest raw materials for our products. Research, development, production and quality control provide extreme efficiency to the wide range of our production line.

• IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION: Volchem produces its products in the field of food supplements within the factory and that means producing safe and efficient food supplements thanks to the quality control which starts with the choice of raw materials up to labeling. Our team of experts and scientists continuously develops new and scientifically based products in order to improve our customers’ health and wellbeing.

• OUR BARS: flagship of our production are our bars that meet the most different needs of the customers: quality, research, development, production and tasty flavors.

• OUR PROTEINS: to diversify in the protein market, we have chosen the highest purity level in our products. We have all the main protein sources with the highest protein percentage and a very low carbohydrate content. The percentage ratio purity/price is extremely competitive.

Moreover our products can meet specific needs, more and more required on the market.

Do you have any food intolerances?
VOLCHEM is the right choice: our production line includes gluten- and lactose-free supplements.

Do you have any special nutritional needs?
No problem, our products are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, kosher and halal.

Are our products safe?
Of course! Our products are approved by the Italian Ministry of Health in accordance with the European Union rules and the most advanced criteria of food safety (ISO 2200, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - HACCP).