April 26-30, 2021


AGAIN - Stretch Power Net made with 100%RECYCLED yarns, both poliammide and elasthomeric, a fabric combining full sustainability to performance, included in the line AGAIN, our contribution the concept of circular economy in a sustainable textile industry. Can be used as an insert or paneling for sustainable Outdoor/Indoor performance garments including leggings, as well as other end use destinations. Custom colors. Printable.

Fitness Aqua Outdoor
Feltre, Italia
PIAVEMAITEX Srl – est. 1908 - is a company specialized in the development and industrialization of Hi-Tech & Fashion Stretch knit fabrics. Our production is fully verticalized including knitting, dyeing and finishing. Our internal Lab guarantees that our products main physicals requirements are constantly monitored. We are ISO 9001, REACH, OEKOTEX STANDARD 100 certified. Our products are ranked among market leaders brands and include a variety of knitting typologies like circular ( jersey/double jersey/interlock), warp-knit ( voile, charmeuse ecc..) and raschel ( including mesh, power mesh, power net, modified ecc…). Along these typologies we offer jacquard and high gauge options, including an interesting panel of ennobled fabrics.