April 26-30, 2021


We use a polymer approved by our technicians that allows you to have a sustainable alternative to TRASPARENT / crystalline nylon. It is produced with 40% biomass and 100% renewable energy. This reduces its carbon footprint by 50%. Article Yakuta, Cordova, Tanaka, Barrow, Kenay.
Standard line is realize with bicarbonate ultras soft, we managed to obtain a product of unique lightness. The lenses are polarized suits in the articles, Reflex, Roxton, Palmer

Empoli, Italia
Bullski was founded in 2012 by the entrepreneurial experience and the great passion for skiing of members Francalanci, Lombardi, Vaccari, Coppi. The idea was to renew the world of accessories for skiing, introducing a new brand whose products, masks, helmets and glasses combined, with a design that is attentive to aesthetics, and an impeccable technical content. Thus began the real commercial activity with the first complete sample of BULLSKI Helmets, Goggles and Sunglasses (ski, Bike, Mountain bike, Streat bike, Golf, Fishing and ....free time