April 26-30, 2021


This product differs from the previous and already known Speedster Calu® for the material of the telescopic sections: AluTech 7075. The AluTech 7075 alloy allows us to offer a product with high technical characteristics, as it is light, resistant to shocks and strains: this is why Speedster is part of the line developed for Trekking Ultra-strong.

More affordable than the Calu® model, Speedster - with its four sections - reaches its maximum extension of 130 cm and the minimum of 110 cm, adjustable heights thanks to the reliable Wing Lock system.

Details such as the Palmo grip in grey and extra-light strap without buckle, adjustable through the innovative Automatic-Stop-System, give it a technical and rigorous style that well represent one of the most appreciated products by the expert hikers market.

Measure: 52 cm closed – 130 cm max extension (110 cm the minimum).

Weight: 250g/piece

Equipped with: a pair of top baskets Ø 85 mm