April 26-30, 2021


One of the flagships of the Masters collection, which has always represented the best compromise between technicality and price, has been extended with the introduction of the model in the Calu® version, realized in 3 sections (ø 16-14-12 mm).

This means that Summit Light Calu® is also suitable for expert hikers, as well as for enthusiasts thanks to the upper high-quality shaft, in addition to the lower sections in AluTech 7075 and the extension of the Palmo grip. The grip has light strap with minimal buckle.

This model is equipped with a BS expansion system in DuPont® plastic, the best on the market to guarantee the best grip under extreme conditions. Equipped with Tip-Top system for replacing the basket and carbide tip.

Measure: 61 cm closed – 135 cm max extension (110 cm the minimum).

Weight: 212g/piece

Equipped with: a pair of top baskets Ø 85 mm