April 26-30, 2021


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Villorba, Italia
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Since 2009 Metem S.r.l. with DoTile® Fit and LEGION® Equipment brands, offers functional equipment and innovative solutions for fitness and rehabilitation fields, supported by specific consulting and design services for each client.
Thanks to our team of product specialists and collaborations with well experienced trainers, we develop customized products and supply services for setting up training areas based on your needs.

The LEGION Cross Training Equipment includes a wide range of functional equipment such as olympic bars, kettlebells, olympic bumper plates, dumbbells and much more to set up your training area.

RamBOX is the HIIT station designed for small-group training (3-6 people) and boutique studios. It was designed to include many functions in a single solution: from the jump box to the sled, it acts also as adjustable bench and anchoring point for your training with rubber bands or ropes. RamBOX is made in Italy and we offer the possibility to customize your units with the requested colour and LOGO.

Power Cuff is the innovative equipment developed in collaboration with FTS - Functional Training School: the tool becomes part of your body thanks to the balanced weight and the internal handle giving you more stability and control to safely perform a wide range of exercises. Power Cuff's design is registered by Metem srl.

DoTile Fit is our complete range of top quality rubber floorings and surfaces made in Italy. You can choose between tiles of different finishing, colors, moreover we propose numerous customization possibilities with markings and logos.
Our crew provides also the needed support to design the layout of your training area with 2D or 3D sketches.