April 26-30, 2021


DoTile Fit is our complete range of top quality rubber floorings and surfaces made in Italy. You can choose between tiles of different finishing and colors.

DoTile Fit VIRTUS-S is a modular surface which displays a smooth and compact design, obtained by reducing to the minimum the porosity of the texture. This paving has been developed for strength training areas, lifting and cross training areas. The product proves to be the ideal solution for heavy loaded areas, thanks to the rubber features that maximize impact absorption. In addition, the product alleviates sounds and vibrations caused by the fall of weights and other fitness equipment. It also reduces the rebound effect from the fall of the objects on the paving/surface; this features provides users with an additional level of safety. The VIRTUS-S provides a protective layer which preserves both the integrity of the underneath surface and of the training objects used.