April 26-30, 2021


Multifunctional proprioceptive platform that offers the possibility to create training programs for all physiological functions and movement-related systems, in particular eccentric contractions and proprioception. This product also allows to challenge postural control and the neuromuscular system by simulating dynamic situations. It can be used on both sides thus being a versatile solution for gyms and rehabilitation.
Covered with Btex® a carbon fiber embossing – flame retardant -phthalates free PVC material and antislip material on all sides for greater grip during usage.
Padding with agglomerated polyurethane foam to ensure optimal rigidity and shock absorption while maintaining its shape unchanged.
This platform is suitable for functional and proprioceptive training, rehabilitation, fitness classes, aerobics and steps workouts.
Product made in Italy.

Dimensions: diam. 70cm – H 8/15cm
Wheight: 9kg